It’s high time we start seeing diabetes differently and bring it into the modern day with some positive, powerful, and proactive solutions to a growing problem that really doesn’t need to be.
Britain has seriously reached the point where we must stop being ‘Procrasti-Nation’ simply having meetings about meetings and being stuck in the mud, and put our focus, energy, and attention in the right place when it comes to effective health care if we are to take diabetes out of the dark ages and make real positive change – because we can!
If everything about diabetes is communicated properly with a positive focus and an awareness of all else; This condition should never be a problem given the right allocation of resources.
Having had type 1 diabetes myself for over 22 years and working professionally in the field of mind body medicine, I’ve heard and experienced some horror stories, and it’s all so unnecessary totally born out of antiquated thinking about this condition. Diabetes itself is never the problem, what we do about it, how we treat it, and how we choose to think and respond to life, is.
It’s actually startling that it still seems revolutionary to some that type 2 diabetes can be fully reversed by diet and lifestyle changes! Of course it can – it’s perfectly logical (the body regenerates all the time, especially when we positively encourage this) and although this is great news, it’s only a fraction of what we can do. We now need to push this so much further by scratching beyond the surface and looking far beyond this.
This way we can ensure the reversal of all diabetes as well as ensure this is wholly sustainable on a mass scale by having an awareness of what comes prior to any physical treatments.
Diabetes in any of its forms isn’t just a physical condition with ‘only’ a physical cause; the physical aspect of diabetes is only ever a manifestation of how we internally respond to everything else going on in life (whether this is consciously obvious to us or not).
Quite simply every thought and emotion we have affects the bio chemistry of the brain which signals certain messages to our body to respond in a particular way. Equally our thoughts and emotions also affect our behaviour and therefore our particular actions and responses; ultimately leading to the results we experience in life; particularly our health.
In this respect, some examples are much more obvious to see than others. For example, in the case of type 2 diabetes linked to obesity; why might an individual be over indulging, comfort eating, have a family history of diabetes, live a sedentary lifestyle, have a poor quality of life, be particularly stressed, depressed etc. in the first place?
It is such factors that ultimately lead to the physical diagnosis of diabetes, and in this case it’s these we need to be addressing and giving people the help and resources they need to put a stop to this.
Taking such an approach will then do several things;
1. Help to prevent diabetes to begin with.
2. Make possible and accelerate the reversal process (as this itself takes the right mind-set and dedication).
3. Successfully maintain the reversal of diabetes by eliminating the initial meta physical root cause.
4. Greatly help the interim treatment and good management of this condition to prevent any complications or further depression leading to a negative spiral of ill health.
In the case of type one diabetes, if we look at the proposed physical causes pertaining to a weakened immune system, a virus, autoimmune reaction, or genetics leading to the destruction of insulin producing cells and therefore type 1 diabetes; we need to look at what initially happened to instigate these factors in the first place?
Ultimately this can often be traced back to some form of trauma and shock resulting from a loss of some sort proving metaphorical of a severe loss of sweetness in life. This in turn then causes an individual’s body to become run down in response to the bio chemicals generated in the brain, and therefore respond physically in such a way that we know leads to type 1 diabetes.
In this respect we need to explore such intangible root causes that lead ultimately to the physical manifestation of diabetes so we can begin the process of positively reprograming the mind and therefore the physical aspect.

Although these are very big picture examples and the true meta physics (intangible core root cause) of the mind body connection delves much deeper than this, the point here is that we need to move thinking around diabetes out of the dark ages, stop simply focussing on just the physical aspect, and focus on what comes before this; because here lies the answer to an unprecedented problem.
Although it might seem daunting and scary to some individuals and indeed some health care professionals to consider that what may be deep rooted in our thoughts and emotions is indicative of and affects our physical health; once we learn to resolve this and work positively with the mind, the health results we can achieve are phenomenal. And in any case, having the courage and foresight to undertake such an approach is far less frightening than the prospect of unnecessary ill health, a limited life, and all the unnecessary baggage of diabetes.
Get our mind-set, psychological, and emotional health right and diabetes in any of its forms never needs to be a problem – there’s so much we can positively do. As I mentioned earlier, diabetes is never the actual problem if we look deep enough.

Just the other day in fact I had an email come through from my twitter account of a certain tweet that epitomises some of the negative, irrational thinking around diabetes. What really up-sets me here is the prospect of it becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy for this individual. I can also say that this is one of many tweets that represent how a certain mind-set about this condition transpires as negative physical implications for this person (evidenced from the collection of other tweets about blood sugar levels). Brace yourself;

“Diabetes and the rollercoaster ride at Alton Towers; Either way in the end your lower limbs are being taken from you”
When I actually went to reply to this tweet I was unable to find it so I trust someone took it off, but my reply was going to be;
“Not if you choose to not even entertain such a rollercoaster! And even if you’re already on it, you can choose to get off & ride something much safer & fun!”
While I love a good sense of humour and fun, I’m drawing the line when it becomes detrimental to health both physically and psychologically. And in this case it’s no laughing matter when it has far reaching implications on so many levels. All our thinking be this good, bad or indifferent is pivotal to our health, so it needs to be steered in the right direction to begin with.

This particular line of thinking is not exclusive to diabetes either, it is the same for all health because of how the mind irrefutably affects the body, however in terms of putting a stop to diabetes in any of its forms, mind-set is everything.

For instance, the general mind-set regarding diabetes management is actually reflected in the following figures. In just 2014 it was reported that diabetes was costing the NHS a massive £10 billion per year (at the time one tenth of the NHS total annual budget), currently the cost is estimated at £23.7 billion, and even worse it’s expected to rise to £40 billion by 2035.

As a large proportion of such astronomical costs are reported to occur from amputation surgeries, other complication treatments (eye surgeries, kidney dialysis etc.), and hospital admissions; These figure are not only ridiculously unnecessary and amount to a severe mis-allocation of the right health care resources to begin with, they are indicative of how many individuals are needlessly suffering psychologically from diabetes and thus fulfilling the doom and gloom of this condition when it is poorly treated.

If people receive the right positive diabetes education from the point of diagnosis alongside the correct, productive mind tools and resources to ensure they adopt the right psychology to ensure a healthy, happy and fulfilled life; those figures would look very healthy.

Even more preposterous is the 2035 proposed figure which depicts the overwhelmingly negative attitude here. This in itself is a presupposition that things aren’t going to change, but get even worse – crazy! It’s as good as saying “We’re in debt now, so we’ll keep doing nothing other than what we’re currently doing, and we’ll be in even worse debt in a few years”… where’s the plan, the motivation and vision to stop this problem? … So you see why we have an incredible challenge on our hands!
This is disgraceful – Diabetes can be stopped in all its forms; I’m living proof of successfully being in the process of reversing type 1 diabetes myself so there’s no excuses. It’s time to listen, act, take self-responsibility and stop diabetes once and for all by thinking differently for different results.

There’s so much we can positively do and achieve, so collectively the real question is, why as a nation, a country that prides itself on its health care system, and a so called first world country with some of the best minds and back bone in the world; why aren’t we taking the action we need to?

And cost… that’s just an excuse … better health and solving this mounting diabetes problem doesn’t exacerbate cost, it will save billions instead; it really doesn’t take a mathematical genius to figure this one out.

The only answer comes down to mind-set and this needs to move out of the dark ages to shed light on the real solution, take action, and see phenomenal results.
Dr Emma Mardlin

Clinical practitioner in Mind Body Medicine, Psychotherapy and Author of Mind Body Diabetes