About Mind Body Diabetes & The Author

This practical resource book offers unique information and support to enable you to stop diabetes emotionally and physically.

The author provides a profound new outlook promoting powerful and positive change on many levels, alongside clinical knowledge, scientific facts and case studies.

The book offers practical advice from significantly improving the condition to how you can reverse it completely, applicable to all types of diabetes.

Providing a refreshing and exciting way of thinking, this book offers,

  • The tools to change and conquer the common perception and often daunting baggage of diabetes.
  • It demonstrates how you don’t just have to “manage” this condition and the vast array of emotions that go with it –
  • It shows you how to fully release them and live a life without limits, including what to do if things go astray.
  • How unlocking the real secret to stopping diabetes is about much more than the physical.
  • Showing how creating true positive change is about breaking boundaries
  • Exploring much further to scratch way beyond the surface to achieve new and exciting results.
  • Amazing health and physical results to follow.
  • A key emphasis on developing a completely different and inspiring mind-set, positive core beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

Written in an easy-to-follow step-by-step format, Mind Body Diabetes integrates humour with its down-to-earth personal experiences and research –

including managing this condition through taking it in hand and experiencing extraordinary results and progress. This book encourages and inspires everyone affected by diabetes, including professionals.

About The Author, Dr Emma Mardlin

Having had T1 diabetes and all its glory for over 23 years, coupled with invaluable expertise in mind body medicine; Em has had the luxury of having tried and tested everything she talks about, both personally and professionally. In doing so she’s had and indeed continues to experience phenomenal results; maintaining that this is always her intention for everyone else too, as Em says herself… it’s all out there, and it’s all within us, so why not!

From being labelled a possessed devil herself by a teacher at primary school for once having low sugar levels to being in a coma and told abruptly she was going blind, Em has had her fair share of challenges when it comes to diabetes and other health conditions, however she has never let this stop her in successfully finding ways to overcome it all.

Professionally Em is co-founder of The Pinnacle Practice, a health and well-being clinic and training company in personal and professional development. As a consultant psychotherapist, clinical practitioner in mind body health and general performance coach, Em also lecturers, trains, and writes professionally within the field of psychology and mindset for private companies, public and government organisations in the UK and United Arab Emirates. In addition, Em also dedicates much of her time as a meta physical researcher to reverse both physical and psychological conditions in various new and experimental ways.

Although Em views all of the above as more of a way of life than separately as work, when she’s not doing that, amidst having fun and a good laugh she loves to travel and experience different things, foods, and cultures; especially heading off to the coast with the Kayaks. Alternatively, she can be found somewhere hiding in a coffee shop or enjoying a good afternoon tea.

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